Eurotrial history

Eurotrial had been known in former times. Competitors came from Germany and France. There were no security restrictions at all and co-driver have been allowed hanging outside the cars to replace the diff-locks

1996 Heinrich Wangler renewed Eurotrial. In “Geilenkirchen” Germany, which is not far from Aachen. He was organizing a Eurotrial in a nice trial- area and several nations came to participate. We remember Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden and Finland

1997 Sweden organized the next Eurotrial with nearly the same participating Nations. For the first time the southern country’s had to fight with big rocks and stumps, which where growing bigger after every car. Nevertheless Germany became Eurotrial Champion

1998 Spain was holding this Eurotrial, with complete new driving rules; Co-drivers did not have to be belted and could move around the car. A third person of the team could lead the driver through the section. They were driving the same system like France and it was the last time France was competing Eurotrial for a long time.

1999 Eurotrial in Finland, again with big rocks and trees but it was a really great and fair event. The Attending countries stabilized with Norway, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Hungary and Italy and two new participants, Russia and Czech Republic

2000 Switzerland, Wil was hosting Eurotrial; a very good Event with very bevel sections

2001 Germany was again the organizer in Langenaltheim. Great sections in a hot summer with over 30 degrees. We had to find out in this summer how imported clean Toilets and showers in the drivers camp are

2002 Norway Brokelandsheia was the host. A really good area, with big rocks and trees just like it is customary in Scandinavian countries. In Front of this Eurotrial for the first time there have been discussion about technical appointments, because there where big differences between northern and southern countries which had to be adapted

2003 Palagano in Italy was the host of the next Eurotrial. For the first time was held a meeting after the first race day, resulted by big differences in many performing affairs

After that the Eurotrial Meeting was brought into being. For many years ( 2003 to 2009 ) it was held in Heidelsheim / Germany. Eurotrial rules had been discussed very hard and slowly the northern and southern country rules moved together. Many countries adopted Eurotrial rules as their own rules.

2004 Austria, Dornbirn; a lots of rain on this Eurotrial with a drivers camp standing in the mood, but there has been a great organization and fantastic sections

2005 Hungary, Veszprém; besides the rules that had been improved, also the surrounding affairs improved every year. Better toilets and showers for competitors. Drivers diner at Saturday evening for all driver, Co-drivers and if possible friends and fans

2006 Finland Polvijärvi

2007 San Marino, Baldasserona; hot, hot, hot, it was the hottest race ever, and lots of drivers had to fix extra cooling systems for their race cars

2008 Norway Brokelandsheia

2009 Germany Eisenberg

Since 2010 the Eurotrial meeting was held in the country, which is the host of the next years Eurotrial. Besides the meeting, the team leader of the meanwhile 16 participant countries, are able to visit the race area and surroundings

2010 Sweden Boras

2011 Czech Republic Sedlcany

2012 Switzerland Auenstein

2013 Italy Villagrande

2014 Slovakia Lietavska Lucka

2015 San Marino Baldasserona

2016 Germany in Gschwend is the host of the 20 years anniversary of Eurotrial

2017 Great Britain, Kirton Off- Road Centre, near Gainsborough

2018 Spain, Leon

2019 Finland, Raisio racetrack

2022 Slovak Republic, Červená Skala

2023 Italy, Villalago - Abruzzo (